PLUCK PEKOE ~ Glass Jar ~ Loose Leaf
PLUCK PEKOE ~ Glass Jar ~ Loose Leaf

PLUCK PEKOE ~ Glass Jar ~ Loose Leaf

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Milk in first? Milk in second? It matters not. You may not add milk at all!  You’re a straight-up kind of person looking for a light and refreshing tea with minimal astringency. 


You’re a lover of the classics, but you seek something beyond your grandmother’s tea. (Of course, you’ll drink it if she serves it to you, because that’s only polite.) An elevated, smooth and balanced take on a classic Orange Pekoe. Milk, sugar, lemon, or straight up - it’s up to you!


You are a serious tea lover who seeks a full-flavoured steeping experience. You might have strong opinions about things. (Especially tea.) This tea delivers on intensity, and is a full-bodied blend for fans of strong black teas. Excellent with milk.

Choose your style of tea (bagged/loose) then choose your strength*!

These teas make a fantastic gift when you know someone who loves tea but you aren't sure what kind! Or maybe they love all teas and you want to give them something really good quality that appeals to their sense of tea-steepedness. (that's a made up word referring to the amount with which a tea bag should or should not be steeped. It's a thing.)

Never worry again about giving someone too strong or too weak of a cup of tea! It's right there on the label!

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea, Organic Green Tea

Certifications: Organic, Rainforest Alliance, Vegan, Kosher. 

Blended and packed in Canada at Pluck Tea Inc.

*Each tea type is a separate item listing but each listing describes all strengths/types, all strengths available in both types unless sold out