CANVAS CANDLE ~ Wax Melt ~ Twilight

CANVAS CANDLE ~ Wax Melt ~ Twilight

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The beautiful transition as the daylight slips away and the stars take their place in the sky. Comforting and yet full of possibilities, this scent will help you to settle in and calmly enjoy the hours before dark, when all grows dim and calm. Relax, unwind, and let night fall. This scent is a beautiful prelude to sleep, bringing all the calm and cozy vibes to your night-time routine.

Twilight is a balanced mix of sugary fig, luscious blackberry, almond and amber. 

Wax melts are a great way to have fragrances in your home without an open flame. Simply add one cube of the wax melt to your favourite electric wax warmer, and enjoy! 

Each wax melt will last approx 30 hours. Wax warmer not included. To be used in electric warmers designed for use with wax melts only. Follow instructions on your warmer.